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Nine (and a Half) Months Old! May 20, 2009

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I can’t believe that it’s been over two weeks since Elyse turned nine months old.  Time is going by far too fast. 

We went to see her pediatrician, Dr. Young, on her nine month birthday.  She had to get one shot and her finger pricked to test her iron, but she took it like a champ and did really great.  Her stats are as follows:

Weight:  19 lbs 3 oz  (60th percentile)

Height:  28 3/4”  (90th percentile)

Head:  44 1/2 cm  (70th percentile)

Last week we took her to JCPenney to have her nine month pictures taken, and we’re very happy with how they turned out!

12.jpg picture by heddajo

13.jpg picture by heddajo

14.jpg picture by heddajo

9.jpg picture by heddajo

2.jpg picture by heddajo

7.jpg picture by heddajo

3.jpg picture by heddajo


Michigan Getaway

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Jim had some time off of work before starting his new job, so two weeks ago we headed to Michigan for a few days.  We drove to Saugatuck and stayed on the Kalamazoo River. 

On Tuesday we drove to Holland, MI, to check out the Tulip Festival.

Michigan-May2009027.jpg picture by heddajo

Michigan-May2009009.jpg picture by heddajo

Michigan-May2009026.jpg picture by heddajo


After the Tulip Festival we drove to Lake Michigan to check out the beach.  It was SO beautiful, and the water was so clear…makes me sad that the beaches on our side of the lake aren’t so nice. 

Elyse LOVED the sand.  She was so interested in it, and was covered head to toe by the time we left.

Michigan-May2009056.jpg picture by heddajo

Michigan-May2009057.jpg picture by heddajo

Michigan-May2009071.jpg picture by heddajo

Michigan-May2009073.jpg picture by heddajo


Of course she had to have a taste

Michigan-May2009084.jpg picture by heddajo


Helping daddy dig

Michigan-May2009079.jpg picture by heddajo


We had a really great time even though it was a quick trip.  We were able to relax for a few days before Jim had to go back to the “real world”.


April Showers… May 3, 2009

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brought May Flowers!


May2009043.jpg picture by heddajo


May2009045.jpg picture by heddajo


May2009028.jpg picture by heddajo


May2009030.jpg picture by heddajo


Hanging With Daddy April 30, 2009

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The other morning Elyse and Daddy hung out on the back porch watching the rain.  They looked so cute I had to snap a few pictures.


April2009019-1.jpg picture by heddajo


April2009018.jpg picture by heddajo


The Original Peanut

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My cousin Ann sent this onesie when I was pregnant with Elyse.  I absolutely love it and was so glad when it finally fit!


April2009020.jpg picture by heddajo


April2009021.jpg picture by heddajo


April2009022.jpg picture by heddajo


In Memory of Special K April 1, 2009

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One of the women I’ve gotten to know online, Tina from Michigan, had a son name Kevin Matthew on August 20, 2008.  Sadly, due to genetic/developmental problems, he passed away just a few weeks later on September 14.   Tina walks for March of Dimes to remember Kevin and her other “angel” baby, Michael Isaac.  We are happy to be supporting her this year.  The mission of March of Dimes is to improve health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.  If you’d like to show your support, click here.

Here’s Elyse sporting her ‘In Memory of Special K’ bracelet:

March2009106.jpg picture by heddajo


And of course, chewing on the bracelet:

March2009112.jpg picture by heddajo


Smile! March 27, 2009

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Elyse has developed a new ‘smile’ for the camera.  She definitely is turning into quite the ham!


March2009081.jpg picture by heddajo

March2009082.jpg picture by heddajo

March2009086.jpg picture by heddajo

March2009093.jpg picture by heddajo


In other news, Elyse & I attended our first swimming class at the YMCA this morning.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures because it’s a parent/child class so I was swimming with her.  Hopefully daddy will be able to come with one day so we can document it for the blog/baby book!