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I’m Alive and Well… September 24, 2011

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Well goodness gracious.  I just realized that I haven’t blogged in over a year.  A YEAR.  That, I have decided, is completely unacceptable.  I have all these goals and ideas of how and where I’m going to keep track of our lives as the girls grow and well…this is as good as place as any, right?

I can’t really go back and tell you about our last year, so I’ll just kind of pick up where we are now.  We have a crazy, smart, sassy, funny THREE-YEAR-OLD!  Yes, Elyse is already three.  It seems so unreal to me.  How can this beautiful little girl be growing up so fast right in front our eyes?  People always tell you “it goes too fast, enjoy every minute”…and until I experienced it, I never would have realized just how fast it goes.  Emily will be two in less than two weeks.  That, to me, is even MORE unimagineable.  I mean…wasn’t she just my screaming five-month-old baby who cried non-stop and I was certain we weren’t going to make it to her first birthday?

There is never a dull moment in our house, and on this beautiful fall day I am really enjoying my life.  A day with not much going on…Jim is down in the basement watching his Crimson Tide play football, Emily is taking a late afternoon nap (poor girl is fighting a nasty cold), Elyse is quietly playing with her dolls in the living room and watching Little Bear, and I am enjoying my first bowl of chili of the season and a nice adult beverage.  It is exactly like it is supposed to be.  With as hard as things can be sometimes, at this moment…right now…I feel totally at peace.

It feels really good.