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Happy Halloween! November 9, 2009

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Yes, it was over a week ago…but better late than never, right?


October2009118.jpg picture by heddajo   October2009119.jpg picture by heddajo   October2009121.jpg picture by heddajo

October2009128.jpg picture by heddajo


Jim took Elyse trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, and since she was still refusing to walk he took her in the wagon!


October2009132.jpg picture by heddajo


Emily Blythe Adams

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Just a few short weeks ago (ok, maybe 5…I’ve been a little busy), our beautiful daughter Emily Blythe was born!  We ended up having a scheduled c-section due to breech presentation, and she arrived on Tuesday, October 6th at 12:35 PM.  She weighed 8 pounds and was 22 inches long!

October2009006.jpg picture by heddajo

October2009007.jpg picture by heddajo

Elyse is so excited to be a big sister, as you can tell from our first family picture taken the night Emily was born!

October2009023.jpg picture by heddajo

Ready to head home on Friday, October 9th

October2009035.jpg picture by heddajo

October2009039.jpg picture by heddajo

Off to her first visit to her pediatrician on Monday, October 12th

October2009054.jpg picture by heddajo

The first two weeks flew by…here are some pictures from her photo shoot on October 20th (two weeks old)

12.jpg picture by heddajo

10.jpg picture by heddajo

7.jpg picture by heddajo

We’re so excited that she is finally here, and I will hopefully be better about posting more often now that we’re a bit more settled in.