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Yes, We Are Alive! July 17, 2009

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I totally stink at keeping up with this whole blogging thing lately.  I apologize.

What’s new in our world?  Well, for starters, Elyse decided a little less than three weeks ago that she was FINALLY ready to start crawling.  And we didn’t do the whole army-crawl thing, she just got up one morning and decided to crawl.  Since she was almost 11 months old at the time, I kind of thought that we were going to skip right over crawling and go right to walking.  She is now going, going, going and it is tiring!  I am thanking the Lord more and more every day that she decided to wait until I was past all the morning sickness and exhaustion of this pregnancy to start moving around.  She also started pulling herself up and she can now get into almost anything.  She is getting so big!

The pregnancy is going well.  I hit 27 weeks this past Monday.  Only 13 weeks to go.  WHAT?  I can’t believe how fast it is flying by, and the fact that we’ve basically done nothing to prepare.  I ordered a crib (finally) last week but we still need to clean out the guest room/office so we can move Elyse to her new room.  I am excited to decorate a fun, girly room for her!  The new baby will be in the nursery that Elyse is currently using since it’s already gender-neutral.  We’re hoping to eventually start working on finishing the basement so we can have a guest room and office down there, as well as a living area and a third bathroom.  (Would be nice for guests when they come to visit!)

This past week Elyse & I, along with my sister Alyssa, headed to Minnesota to visit some family.  My cousin Sarah lives with her husband and two sons (Kaisen who is 22 months and Kallen who is 3 months) outside Minneapolis, and we decided it was a good half-way meeting point to see some of our relatives from North Dakota.  It was a fun time and I’m glad we all got to meet up for a few days.

Now, an overload of pictures from the last month and a half:


Daddy & Elyse at the Botanical Gardens on Father’s Day

June2009067.jpg picture by heddajo


Crawling down the hall…and Maggie making a run for it!

June2009168.jpg picture by heddajo


Waiting for the fireworks to start on the 4th of July

July2009025.jpg picture by heddajo


Checking out her new pool with daddy

July2009033.jpg picture by heddajo

July2009048.jpg picture by heddajo


This is what I found in her crib one day when she was supposed to be napping

July2009064.jpg picture by heddajo


She loves Poncho!  (And Poncho is actually pretty tolerant of her.)

July2009062.jpg picture by heddajo


Standing up in her crib (and showing us that we needed to move the mattress down further!)

July2009055.jpg picture by heddajo


Playing with her cousin, Kaisen, in the pool

July2009070.jpg picture by heddajo

July2009071.jpg picture by heddajo


My cousin Rachel’s son Brody (2 months) & my cousin Sarah’s son Kallen (3 months)

July2009074.jpg picture by heddajo


Checking out her baby cousin

July2009098-1.jpg picture by heddajo


One Response to “Yes, We Are Alive!”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Yay for new pics! I was just about to leave you a message that you need to update the site 🙂

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