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Sleeping Beauty May 30, 2009

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Yesterday I peeked in on Elyse napping and it made me so sad to see how fast she is growing up.  It seems like just yesterday she was being swaddled up and sleeping in one spot all night…now she’s all over the crib and looks like such a big girl in her crib.

A progression of the sleep…

Here she is on August 9th, only 5 days old

ElyseRamona067.jpg Our little burrito picture by heddajo


In October, a little over two months old

October2008.jpg picture by heddajo


In mid-February, just after we stopped swaddling her…she moved on to her Grobag, and thankfully she transitioned easily out of the swaddle

February2009044.jpg picture by heddajo


And Friday – almost 10 months old  😦

May2009115.jpg picture by heddajo