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The “Big” Ultrasound May 27, 2009

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Today we had our 20-week ultrasound for this pregnancy and were so glad to find out that everything looks perfect!  The baby is measuring within one day of our due date of October 12th.  Although it was hard, we were able to stick to our guns and not find out the sex of the baby.  There was a lot of movement and the heartbeat is strong – 148 bpm.  Baby had hiccups during part of the ultrasound and I’m pretty sure he/she waved to us at one point.  🙂


20w2d2.jpg picture by heddajo

20w2d.jpg picture by heddajo


Baby foot:

20w2d3.jpg picture by heddajo


And a bonus – a 4D picture of baby’s face!  (You have to look closely but it’s there…you can see a good line of the nose, lips and chin especially.)

20w2d4d.jpg picture by heddajo