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Yet Another “Catch-Up” Post May 21, 2009

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I have a bunch of new pictures of Elyse that I wanted to share, and rather than making several new posts, I decided to just throw them all into one and say “Here are pictures from May!” 

We’ve started Elyse on finger foods and “big people” food, and so far she has loved everything.  Seriously.  Everything.  I really hope that this continues to be her case.  Here she is having fun in her high chair and giving me some good smiles.

May2009052.jpg picture by heddajo

May2009054.jpg picture by heddajo


Last weekend the three of us headed to the zoo and Elyse got to help daddy feed the goats.

May2009067.jpg picture by heddajo

May2009069.jpg picture by heddajo

May2009070.jpg picture by heddajo


The other day I realized it was awfully quiet in the living room, where Elyse is usually playing.  I walked in to find this…

May2009080.jpg picture by heddajo


The next day I looked over to find THIS…

May2009082.jpg picture by heddajo

May2009084.jpg picture by heddajo

At first I couldn’t figure out why she had the book so close to her face…and then it hit me.  The book has a little mirror on each page and she was looking at herself!  (Now I know she’s definitely related to Aunt Alyssa & Uncle Fabulous!)


Finally, the other night we took advantage of the GREAT weather we’ve been having and joined my friend Angie and her boys at the park.  Elyse got to swing for the first time, and she seemed to really enjoy it!

May2009098.jpg picture by heddajo

May2009099.jpg picture by heddajo