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Peanut #2 May 1, 2009

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As most of you know, we found out in early February that we’re expecting another bundle of joy this October.  Even though it was a bit of a surprise, we are excited nonetheless.

The pregnancy started out smoothly, nausea and all.  Then about four weeks ago we had a bit of a scare.  I woke up on Saturday morning and knew immediately that something was wrong.  I called the doctor on call and told her my symptoms and at first she told me to wait and see.  About 45 minutes later I called her back to tell her things seemed to be worse.  She advised us to head into the ER.

Two and a half hours later we were finally taken in for an ultrasound and we saw that the baby was fine and the heartbeat was strong.  Needless to say we were beyond relieved.  We had already been through two ultrasounds before the visit to the ER and seen the baby moving around and a heartbeat.  The technician at those ultrasounds also saw what she believed to be a fibroid, which is fairly common during pregnancy.  However, the technician during our visit to the ER saw something else; I had actually been pregnant with twins and I was miscarrying one that hadn’t developed.  (It’s actually a fairly common occurrence sometimes referred to as a ‘Vanishing Twin’.)   The doctor in the ER confirmed this, and we’ve been back to my midwife’s office twice since then. 

Although we were sad to hear about the loss, we still feel very blessed to be having one healthy baby.  They will continue to follow my pregnancy closely just to be sure, but what has happened should not affect Peanut #2 in any way.  I will be 17 weeks this coming Monday.

Here are some pictures of our newest little one, and we are taking suggestions as to what we should call him/her.  (And for those of you who are wondering, we will be finding out the sex of this one on or around October 12th on his/her birthday!)

11weeks 3 days:

11w3d2.jpg picture by heddajo


12weeks 3days:

12w3d2.jpg picture by heddajo

12w3d3.jpg picture by heddajo


12weeks 5days:

12w5d.jpg picture by heddajo



13weeks.jpg picture by heddajo


15weeks 1day:

15w1d.jpg picture by heddajo