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Hanging With Daddy April 30, 2009

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The other morning Elyse and Daddy hung out on the back porch watching the rain.  They looked so cute I had to snap a few pictures.


April2009019-1.jpg picture by heddajo


April2009018.jpg picture by heddajo


The Original Peanut

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My cousin Ann sent this onesie when I was pregnant with Elyse.  I absolutely love it and was so glad when it finally fit!


April2009020.jpg picture by heddajo


April2009021.jpg picture by heddajo


April2009022.jpg picture by heddajo


Cruisin’ April 23, 2009

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Last week we were lucky enough to go on a cruise with Nana & Dede (Jim’s mom & dad) and also Aunt Kym, Uncle Kenneth and cousins Kelsey & Collins.  (Kym is Jim’s sister.)  We left Mobile, Alabama, on Saturday the 11th and cruised around the Gulf of Mexico until Thursday the 16th.  We had a wonderful time!

Here we are getting ready to set sail (or whatever it is called)

Cruise2009007.jpg picture by heddajo


Here’s Elyse with Nana & Dede…we got to celebrate Dede’s birthday on the cruise!

Cruise2009015.jpg picture by heddajo


And Elyse feeling very tired at dinner

Cruise2009013.jpg picture by heddajo


Our first stop on the cruise was Progresso, Mexico.  Here’s Elyse with Kelsey & Collins on the beach!

Cruise2009017.jpg picture by heddajo


Cooling off in the Gulf with Mama & Daddy

Cruise2009021.jpg picture by heddajo


Loving her new dress that we bought in Mexico

Cruise2009027.jpg picture by heddajo


Being a ham for the camera

Cruise2009034.jpg picture by heddajo


Catching some rays on the deck of the ship on our last day

Cruise2009037.jpg picture by heddajo

(She isn’t crying…I think she was in the middle of her sentence.)


At dinner we let her try some “real” food…she LOVED the rolls and was not happy if you took it away from her!

Cruise2009040.jpg picture by heddajo


At dinner our last night on the cruise – Nana, Daddy & Elyse

Cruise2009041.jpg picture by heddajo


Checking out the cool animal the steward left for our last night

Cruise2009043.jpg picture by heddajo


When we returned to dry land we spent two days at Nana & Dede’s house on Dauphin Island…it was Elyse’s first time getting to visit the island!

Cruise2009045.jpg picture by heddajo

Cruise2009047.jpg picture by heddajo

Cruise2009048.jpg picture by heddajo


In Memory of Special K April 1, 2009

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One of the women I’ve gotten to know online, Tina from Michigan, had a son name Kevin Matthew on August 20, 2008.  Sadly, due to genetic/developmental problems, he passed away just a few weeks later on September 14.   Tina walks for March of Dimes to remember Kevin and her other “angel” baby, Michael Isaac.  We are happy to be supporting her this year.  The mission of March of Dimes is to improve health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.  If you’d like to show your support, click here.

Here’s Elyse sporting her ‘In Memory of Special K’ bracelet:

March2009106.jpg picture by heddajo


And of course, chewing on the bracelet:

March2009112.jpg picture by heddajo