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6 Months Old February 4, 2009

Filed under: Elyse — hjhadams @ 2:38 pm

Today Elyse turns 6 months old.  I seriously cannot believe how fast the time is flying by.

We went to see her doctor today and she is doing wonderfully.  Here are the stats:

Weight:  16 lbs 12 oz  (50th percentile)
Height:  27 1/2 inches  (90th percentile)

I forgot to ask the exact head measurement, but she mentioned it was around the 75th percentile.

She is doing really well on the solids…so far we’ve tried green beans, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, banana, avocado, peaches and mango.  She gagged a bit with the green beans the first time around, but now she seems to enjoy it all.  I have also enjoyed making it all for her.  It’s actually very easy!

Anyways, her development is coming along right on track, and Dr. Young says she’s doing wonderfully!


February2009034.jpg picture by heddajo


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