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Sitting Pretty January 23, 2009

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Elyse has started sitting up, pretty much on her own, over the past few days!


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In Memoriam January 19, 2009

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If anyone remembers our house in Crystal Lake, you will definitely appreciate this outfit…

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California Dreaming January 15, 2009

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We were lucky enough to go on a fabulous family vacation last week, thanks to my parents (Grandpa & Mimi).  We stayed in Newport Coast, California…and it was absolutely great.  Although the weather was “cold” (according to the locals), we loved every minute of it and had a wonderful time.

On Sunday we went to the Santa Monica Pier

California-Jan2009015.jpg picture by heddajo


Ready for her first walk on the beach

California-Jan2009020.jpg picture by heddajo


Posing like professionals on the beach

California-Jan2009022.jpg picture by heddajo


Alyssa & Justin getting ready to dip their feet in the Pacific

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Grandpa, Mimi, Elyse & Daddy overlooking the ocean

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David & Michele in front of the Brady Bunch house!

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Elyse in the pool with Daddy

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At the San Diego Zoo

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California-Jan2009086.jpg picture by heddajo

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Our last morning on the beach  😦

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Happy New Year! January 2, 2009

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Here’s hoping 2009 is as great as 2008 was.  Cheers!

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