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A New Experience December 30, 2008

Filed under: Elyse — hjhadams @ 1:04 am

At Elyse’s 4-month check-up we were given the go-ahead to start her on solids.  The doctor recommended starting with rice cereal, and then working up to vegetables and fruits.  While most people jump at the opportunity to start feeding their baby something other than formula or breastmilk, I wasn’t so excited.  She is just growing up too fast!  Since the consensus is that it’s ok to start solids anytime between 4 – 6 months, I wasn’t in any hurry.

We did rice cereal sporadically over the past few weeks, but it wasn’t all that exciting.  I figured if we were going to have to take this next step, we might as well try something fun.  So, yesterday I mashed up some avacado and we gave it a shot.  She loved it!

Sitting in the high chair for the first time, waiting for the good stuff.

Christmas2008108.jpg picture by heddajo

(Please ignore the mess in the background.  The house has been a disaster since we got back last week.)

Part way through the bowl.

Christmas2008110.jpg picture by heddajo

All done!  It was num-yummy!!

Christmas2008120.jpg picture by heddajo

Today I made homemade apple sauce…she enjoyed that, too, but not nearly as much as the avacado!


One Response to “A New Experience”

  1. The family G Says:

    screw the rice cereal and oatmeal! I am going straight to the good stuff too. . . hopefully we will get the green light at Marcelo’s 4 month appointment. I think I am more excited to make baby food than to really feed it to him haha!

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