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A New Experience December 30, 2008

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At Elyse’s 4-month check-up we were given the go-ahead to start her on solids.  The doctor recommended starting with rice cereal, and then working up to vegetables and fruits.  While most people jump at the opportunity to start feeding their baby something other than formula or breastmilk, I wasn’t so excited.  She is just growing up too fast!  Since the consensus is that it’s ok to start solids anytime between 4 – 6 months, I wasn’t in any hurry.

We did rice cereal sporadically over the past few weeks, but it wasn’t all that exciting.  I figured if we were going to have to take this next step, we might as well try something fun.  So, yesterday I mashed up some avacado and we gave it a shot.  She loved it!

Sitting in the high chair for the first time, waiting for the good stuff.

Christmas2008108.jpg picture by heddajo

(Please ignore the mess in the background.  The house has been a disaster since we got back last week.)

Part way through the bowl.

Christmas2008110.jpg picture by heddajo

All done!  It was num-yummy!!

Christmas2008120.jpg picture by heddajo

Today I made homemade apple sauce…she enjoyed that, too, but not nearly as much as the avacado!


Holiday Picture Overload

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The last week and a half have been absolutely crazy.  And that is an understatement.  It all started on Friday, December 19th…the day we were supposed to fly to Mobile to spend a few days with Jim’s family for the holidays.  We were scheduled to come back on Monday the 22nd.

Old Man Winter…well, he had other plans for us.

Christmas2008009.jpg picture by heddajo

This is what your driveway looks like when you get 12 inches of snow in just a few hours.  And also what it looks like when you’re too cheap to break down and buy a snowblower.  At least it’s pretty, right?

Christmas2008005.jpg picture by heddajo

Needless to say, our flight did not leave on Friday.  Thankfully it was cancelled before we left for the airport.  And thankfully I was smart enough to stock up on groceries on Thursday…you know, “just in case”.

We finally got out on Sunday…after waiting in line for over 2 hours to check in for our flight that was supposed to leave at 6:40 AM, we had to be rebooked on another flight because our plane was having maintenance issues.  The positive about the whole situation?  We got to sit first class!  Elyse’s first plane ride was in first class, and she loved every minute of it.

Christmas2008012.jpg picture by heddajo

Thankfully 7 hours of waiting in the airport wasn’t as trying on her as it was for us!

We finally got to Alabama on Sunday evening and Elyse was so glad to see everyone.

Hanging out with cousin Kelsey.

Christmas2008014.jpg picture by heddajo

Daddy, Elyse & cousin Collins.

Christmas2008015.jpg picture by heddajo

(Thanks for smiling, Collins!)

I absolutely love this outfit.  You would be surprised how hard it is to find a jean skirt in December!

Christmas2008017.jpg picture by heddajo

While down south, we got to visit our friends Brian & Jenny who had a little man named Miller in July.  Aren’t they adorable together?

Christmas2008026.jpg picture by heddajo

Here’s Elyse with Nana, Dede & Daddy at the Mobile airport before we headed home on Tuesday afternoon.

Christmas2008031.jpg picture by heddajo

We got home late Tuesday night, and the plan was to drive the 2 1/2 hours on Wednesday (Christmas Eve) to visit Grandpa & Mimi in Illinois.  We were worried about the weather, but it ended up not being as bad as they were predicting.

Hanging out in front of the tree at Grandpa & Mimi’s house on Christmas Day.

Christmas2008043.jpg picture by heddajo

With Grandpa & Mimi on Christmas morning.

Christmas2008061.jpg picture by heddajo

Helping Mimi open a present.

Christmas2008048.jpg picture by heddajo

Opening presents is tiring!

Christmas2008050.jpg picture by heddajo

Playing in her new jumper-thingy.

Christmas2008054.jpg picture by heddajo

We got home on Christmas night and had a little Christmas with just the three of us.  Santa left some presents for Elyse while we were gone.

Christmas2008066.jpg picture by heddajo  

Christmas2008068.jpg picture by heddajo

And finally…I didn’t get pictures of Elyse in her Christmas dress before or after church on Christmas Eve, so she wore it again to church yesterday.  Isn’t it the cutest?

Christmas2008095.jpg picture by heddajo

Christmas2008104.jpg picture by heddajo