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The Leo Baby December 19, 2008

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“The Leo baby is strong, dramatic and loyal.”

December2008025.jpg picture by heddajo

About the Leo Child

Warmth, loyalty, and generosity are just a few of your Leo child’s many shining characteristics. Leo children are enthusiastic and affectionate, and they experience life with the whole of their enormous hearts.

Sensitive, proud, and often just a wee bit vain, Leo children seem lionhearted on the outside, but they’re actually rather vulnerable emotionally. One harsh word can knock a Leo’s self-confidence right off balance, so you’ll have to be careful about how you talk to your Leo son or daughter, especially when it’s time for discipline.

Leo’s primary needs include attention and approval, and a Leo child will do what it takes to secure the appreciation of his parents, friends, and anyone else around. These little ones have a natural dramatic flair. Your child might treat you to impromptu performances from an early age, and you may notice him looking into the mirror often or dressing himself with a colorful sense of style.

Just as criticism can wound their souls, Leo children thrive on compliments and recognition of their accomplishments. And they’re likely to rack up accolades throughout childhood and into adulthood: Your little Leo could easily become the star performer in his school choir, drama group, soccer team, or any other venue that allows him to shine.

Be sure to reward your child for his many strengths, including his bone-deep sense of loyalty and morality. He may not realize that these internal gifts are even more important and admirable than his ability to impress others with his humor or good looks.