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All Smiles… October 22, 2008

Filed under: Elyse — hjhadams @ 11:11 am

Or maybe not.

Elyse recently discovered her tongue, and it is making it almost impossible to catch her smile on camera.

Playingwithcamera085.jpg picture by heddajo


Playingwithcamera086.jpg picture by heddajo


Playingwithcamera093.jpg picture by heddajo


We did go to the dermatologist on Monday to have her birthmark looked at.  She confirmed it’s a Strawberry Hemangioma.  We will go back in three weeks to have it checked again to see how fast it’s growing.  She may prescribe a topical steriod cream to keep it from getting bigger (and to possibly start shrinking it).  If it doesn’t seem to be growing, we will probably just let it be.  Either way, it should go away on it’s own over the next few years, and it shouldn’t leave a scar of any kind.


One Response to “All Smiles…”

  1. NANA Says:

    Heather, she gets prettier with every new set of pictures. The smiles are beautiful, and we are enjoying all of the pictures. Perfect timing for me – I’m going to Tupelo tomorrow to meet Sue and Helen and will be able to share.

    Thanks for putting them out. (Our camera has disappeared…hope it reappears soon; I think it is at Dauphin Island.) We also have some pictures of the wonderful weekend in Wisconsin.

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