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Lobster, anyone? October 31, 2008

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Happy Halloween from Elyse!


Halloween2008018.jpg picture by heddajo


Halloween2008019.jpg picture by heddajo


Halloween2008022.jpg picture by heddajo


Almost Halloween! October 29, 2008

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Elyse has gotten a lot of cute Halloween gear as gifts, so I’ve been trying to make sure she has a chance to wear it!  We’ll debut her costume on Friday, but I thought I’d share these cute pictures today.

Here’s a cute onesie she got from Wendy, a friend from H&R Block:

Halloween2008004.jpg picture by heddajo


T-shirt & socks from Becky:

Halloween2008026.jpg picture by heddajo

Halloween2008030.jpg picture by heddajo


An adorable bib and matching hat from Grandma Judi:

Halloween2008005.jpg picture by heddajo


Finally, a kitty cat hat from Aunt Kym and a bib…the one thing I did buy her from the dollar section at Target:

Halloween2008038.jpg picture by heddajo


She can’t wait to show you her costume, so be sure to check back on Halloween!


Slumber Party! October 24, 2008

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Jim had to travel for work this week, so Elyse and I spent the night in Janesville on Wednesday.  Aunt Alyssa and “Uncle” Justin (maybe one day we can take the quotations off of uncle?) were nice enough to let us stay with them.  Elyse did great, only waking up once to eat in the middle of the night.  Since she was so well-behaved, I have a feeling we’ll be welcomed back again in the future!


Playingwithcamera113.jpg picture by heddajo


All Smiles… October 22, 2008

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Or maybe not.

Elyse recently discovered her tongue, and it is making it almost impossible to catch her smile on camera.

Playingwithcamera085.jpg picture by heddajo


Playingwithcamera086.jpg picture by heddajo


Playingwithcamera093.jpg picture by heddajo


We did go to the dermatologist on Monday to have her birthmark looked at.  She confirmed it’s a Strawberry Hemangioma.  We will go back in three weeks to have it checked again to see how fast it’s growing.  She may prescribe a topical steriod cream to keep it from getting bigger (and to possibly start shrinking it).  If it doesn’t seem to be growing, we will probably just let it be.  Either way, it should go away on it’s own over the next few years, and it shouldn’t leave a scar of any kind.


Two Years (and One Week)

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Last week Jim and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary.  It’s hard to believe two years have passed since that chilly day back in 2006.  Although we have our moments, I think that we have a great marriage, and I feel very lucky to have Jim in my life.  (Hopefully he feels the same way!)

Here’s to many, many more…

WeddingPicsfromLeo158.jpg picture by heddajo

WeddingPicsfromLeo564.jpg picture by heddajo


Elyse’s Baptism

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We had Elyse baptized on Sunday, October 12th.  My sister Alyssa, Jim’s sister Kym and Jim’s brother-in-law Kenneth were a special part of the day, serving as her Godparents.  Pastor Rachel, the same minister who married us two years ago, performed the ceremony.

October2008033.jpg picture by heddajo

October2008038.jpg picture by heddajo

October2008055.jpg picture by heddajo

October2008052.jpg picture by heddajo


The Elegant Farmer

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We were lucky enough to have lots of family visit a little over a week ago for Elyse’s baptism.  On Saturday (October 11th) we headed to the Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago to check out the apple orchard, and of course their famous ‘apple pie baked in a paper bag’.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, and I think everyone had a great time!

My sister Alyssa, my Aunt Becky (visiting from Texas) and me:

October2008005.jpg picture by heddajo


My niece and nephew, Kelsey & Collins (visiting from Alabama), climbing to get the good apples:

October2008003.jpg picture by heddajo

October2008014.jpg picture by heddajo


Elyse with Nana & Grandma Judi:

October2008012.jpg picture by heddajo


Elyse with Mama & Daddy:

October2008016.jpg picture by heddajo


And finally, Elyse riding the rocking horse:

DadsCamera354.jpg picture by heddajo