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Pretty in Pink September 25, 2008

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A few weeks ago we received a package from Jim’s Aunt Sue and his cousin Susie.  Inside were some cute outfits for Elyse, and a beautiful sweater set.  Aunt Sue’s friend made the sweater, hat and matching booties for Elyse…and she won a prize for them at a local fair!

When we first received it, the sweater was too big.  I was hoping that by the time we decided to go get her pictures taken again (maybe in the next month or so), it would fit.  Well, I tried it on her today, and what do you know…it fits perfectly!  I decided to take pictures of her in myself because now I’m afraid it may not fit much longer.  (Unfortunately the matching booties do not fit her, so she’s wearing some booties that Nana sent instead.)

ElyseRamona207.jpg picture by heddajo

ElyseRamona221.jpg picture by heddajo

Throwing this last one in because I couldn’t resist.  She was done, done, done with the photo shoot…

ElyseRamona212.jpg picture by heddajo

One final note: a few of you have asked if Elyse scratched herself under her left eye.  That’s what we thought at first, but a few weeks ago I took her to her doctor because it wasn’t going away.  She has developed a Strawberry Hemangioma, a birthmark that is usually absent at birth but develops over the next few weeks.  It may continue to grow for 6-12 months, although her pediatrician doesn’t think it’s going to get much larger.  They generally go away on their own by the time the child is 10 years old and should not leave a scar.  Our pediatrician did refer us to a dermatologist at Children’s Hospital just to have a second opinion.  We haven’t gone in yet, but I’m assuming he/she will tell us the same information.