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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures August 16, 2008

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Trying to get caught-up on downloading pictures, so nothing witty to say.  Enjoy!


Aunt Alyssa & Elyse on her “birthday”

ElyseRamona002.jpg Elyse with Aunt Alyssa picture by heddajo


Grandpa Terry, Grandma Judi & Elyse

ElyseRamona016.jpg Grandpa Terry, Grandma Judi and Elyse picture by heddajo


Aunt Michele & Elyse

ElyseRamona030.jpg picture by heddajo


Under the lights to help her jaundice…”Aunt” Jeana was jealous that she had her own tanning bed

ElyseRamona057.jpg picture by heddajo


Ready to go home!

ElyseRamona084.jpg Ready to head home from the hospital picture by heddajo


Her first car ride

ElyseRamona081.jpg Riding home from the hospital picture by heddajo


Meeting Maggie Mae for the first time

ElyseRamona063.jpg Meeting Maggie for the first time picture by heddajo


Our little burrito

ElyseRamona067.jpg Our little burrito picture by heddajo


Cuddling with daddy

ElyseRamona102.jpg Cuddling with daddy picture by heddajo


“Hey, who let this guy in with a Cubs shirt on?”

ElyseRamona076.jpg I can't believe he's wearing a Cubs shirt in our house! picture by heddajo


Nana, Dede & Elyse

ElyseRamona090.jpg Nana, Dede and Elyse picture by heddajo


One more picture for good measure…taken on August 14th

ElyseRamona108.jpg August 14th picture by heddajo